At the beginning of 2017 each of the core servants at Signs of Love chose 4 people they wanted to intentionally disciple that year. Vicenta (pictured on the left) chose 3 young woman all from the same village and one teen from her city. Diani (center) was one of those women that Vicenta would spend extra time with at the program each month and would pray for every day. The picture they are pointing to was her prayer reminder that she carried in her purse with her everyday for over a year. Their relationship grew throughout 2017 and as Yenny (pictured on the right) began to grow in her understanding of the command to make disciples, they began thinking together how they could spend more time with these women. They planned and prepared and last week they went! They spent the night with Diani, teaching and praying and shining light to her family and then found their way to 2 other women in a nearby village to encourage and teach and pray with. We love getting to see others catch the spark and carry it on to others 2 Timothy 2:2 style!


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