The Lost, Found!


t’s beautiful how God desired for all that are lost to be found and He arranged this precious one to be discovered in a unique way.
While waiting for one of the participants in another village to finish getting ready a young boy stopped at our van to sell some cookies his mom had baked. He quickly realized that everyone in the van was ignoring his request to purchase his deserts, no wait, they weren’t ignoring him, they just didn’t hear him!
He ended up telling us about his cousin that lived in another village where we have programs and gave us his dad’s phone number. We contacted him and last week he met up with us to lead us to the house of his deaf niece! She met another deaf person for the very first time and was given a name sign at her very first program! Love can be heard by ALL!

Prayer is a privilege. 


Prayer is powerful!
Last time we were in this particular village had the privilege of praying for a very specific request over the mother of one of our beloveds.
This month when we pulled up, the other daughter of this precious woman nearly dragged us out of the van to “Come see, Mom!!” The same day you all prayed for her God answered!” They were giddy with excitement over Jesus’ love for them! What a powerful moment to praise Jesus together!