It’s International Week of the Deaf!



Who needs fancy instruments to worship when you have a trash can, a grateful heart and joyful hands!

“All the nations you have made will come and worship before you, Lord; they will bring glory to your name. For you are great and do marvelous deeds; you alone are God.”(Psalm 86:9-10)


“Extra, extra, read all about it!” The first post out of Peru that is!!

Living at a village that nearly reaches the heavens at 10,600 feet altitude this sweet deaf girl has never seen the name of Jesus, until the Signs of Love Peru team found her about half an hour outside the city where they live.
To her, using her hands to communicate meaning is a brand new concept. Touching the middle finger of one hand to the palm of the other, and then repeating on the other side represents the cartoon man on the front of a children’s Bible. But one day she will know that it was Jesus, through SofL, that sought her out and found her in her remote village in rural Peru. It was Jesus that set out a blanket on top of a mountain just for her to come and make balloon animals and be fully accepted for who she is. It was Jesus that brought freedom and unconditional love like she had never experienced until the three women from Signs of Love came. The name of Jesus has so much power to change lives and now this sweet one can know that power!Screen Shot 2017-11-25 at 5.28.06 PM.png

Draw God

20637836_10155231302683551_1948907099760662161_nSeven-year-old Dayline passed around her notebook in the van on the way to the village program and signed, “Draw God.” We had a diverse group of people in the van that day:North Americans, Hondurans, hearing, deaf, some who preach in the deaf church and others that were still learning to spell their name. It was neat to see how each person was experiencing the same God in different ways at that particular moment in their life. Some through God’s power, others through His healing. Jesus’ saving work on the Cross, His protection, in nature, through Signs of Love. Wow! It is beautiful how God knows us each so intimately that He connects with us differently, knowing just what we need when we need it! All we need is Jesus!


These 2 have been part of Bible teachings and sign language classes for less than 20 meetings. They are not Bible experts, they have no theological degrees and they couldn’t even tell you their parent’s names.
But his past month, *Carlos went to *Mateo’s house to teach him the 3 Bible stories he knows!
So often we don’t feel equip to share our faith with other and yet “God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called.” God has uniquely gifted you for all that He is calling you to do today in your home, workplace and community!


This year has been a year of growth in so many ways! We are growing in discipling, prayer, among other things and we are also growing in number! God has brought us so many new deaf that have previously been tucked away in remote places of Honduras, like Ronnie! This was our trek back down to the van after meeting him and his grandmother who had been his caregiver ever since him mom abandoned him after finding out he was deaf.

The beginning of SofL Peru

This suitcase of materials that was sent with our Peru team was filled with lots of time, energy, love, and prayers! Many deaf in Honduras volunteered to make flash cards, laminate teaching materials, organization Bible story cards, ect. so that the deaf in Peru can receive the same teachings of language and the love of Jesus as they did! They prayed over each item that it would be used to bring the gospel to the nation of Peru!20229641_10155176090378551_2399979650524371108_o

Today is the culmination of many goodbyes that wrench our hearts here in Honduras. Kathryn & Rachel are on a plane flying away to their new home in Peru. We’re excited for all God is doing through them & Signs of Love, and sad for how desperately our hearts will miss them in Honduras!


Deaf Camp 2017

Our hearts are overflowing with gratitude for all that God did during camp this year! A special thanks to those of you that financially supported and prayed us through! Enjoy!

When the student becomes the teacher and is challenged by the same behaviors that they did when they were a student themselves! It’s so fun to see those we taught when they were little growing up and teaching with great skill, patience, joy and compassion other deaf! Camp was full of that this year!


It was a joy to see how much these two young adults have grown in leading and teaching others during camp. They both took on much more responsibility at camp with the dramas and games and shone brightly doing it!


Another camp favorite:
“Jessie crowned camp queen for her 10 years of stellar service to Signs of Love! Her legacy is grand, and we’re grateful beyond words for His best given to all of us through His most beautiful servant, Jessie Fox!” (Robin Harter)


Check it out! Our camp photographer’s short video from his time with us. We love Michael and Alicia, and are so grateful for their partnership with us! LIFE.IS.BEAUTIFUL.AT.CAMP.


Prayer Weaving


We have been covering every inch of the upcoming camp in prayer! As a Signs of Love family we each prayed for different beloveds in the villages and then we tied a knot in the “net” representing each person and then wove their names throughout. We are excited to welcome everyone with camp with a reminder that God has already been working it their hearts preparing them long before they set foot in camp! We’d love for you to join us in praying for God’s will to be done in the hearts of each person that attends camp!