Chorti Community

Kathryn & Jessie went looking for deaf in one of Honduras’ indigenous people groups, the Chorti people. La Pintada is a beautiful mountain top community outside Copan Ruinas accessible mainly on foot or horseback. The children eagerly followed us around the village and wanted to sing us the Honduran National Anthem in their Chorti language. A hard of hearing woman worked making dolls out of corn husks.


Lead us to your people!

The deaf that are part of Signs of Love are often the ones that lead us to other deaf in their surrounding community! Sandra took the lead as we tried to catch up with a young woman and her young baby walking down the road. She wasn’t deaf, but her sister was! Sandra had seen them using gestures to communicate a few weeks before but didn’t know which person was deaf. Maritza attended her second program on Thursday and she brings so much joy with her contagious smile.


Meet Eduin & Marvin!

They are Christian. They are Deaf. They are Honduran. What a privilege it’s been for Signs of Love to be in these young men’s lives since they were little boys. Because of Signs of Love, they’ve grown up with language and a constant drenching of God’s Truth. These young men are stellar examples of what it looks like to be a man after God’s own heart. We are blessed.


Meet Vicenta!

She’s got a beautiful heart, and always makes us smile. She’s Christian, Honduran, Deaf, and learning to become a warrior for Christ! We met her when she was just a little girl, and what an honor it’s been to be part of her life all these years. She faithfully volunteers with Signs of Love, and we look forward to all the grand things God has prepared for her!14379976_10154239454283551_1244492971587354183_o

2 Tim. 2:22

During a break time at a recent sign language program in a rural village in Honduras, a young man that has been part of Signs of Love’s programs for many years now picks up a Bible and teaches another young man that we found just a year ago the story of Moses in Egypt!

Met His Prayer Buddy


“I have this deaf Honduran boy’s picture in my room and have been praying for him everyday [since January]. It was such a joy and privilege to finally get to meet him and sign to him that I’ve been praying for him. He’s such a smart little dude.” (Chris, a camp volunteer)

Chris is on our Advocacy Team through our sending church and it was so special to have him here serving with us!